Location (How to Find us)

How to find us:  self catering cottages highlands

28 Melvaig, Melvaig, Wester Ross, IV21 2EA  self catering cottages highlands

We are the last cottage in Melvaig on the left hand side (sea side), after the  public parking bays. Just before the hill which leaself catering cottages highlands Otterburn 1 Otterburn 2ds up to Rua Reidh lighthouse you will turn left, over the cattlegrid. Otterburn 1 is just behind  Oran Mara.

Drive 10 miles out of Gairloch, past The Sands campsite and just keep driving, you travel along approximately 6 miles of single track road. Watch out for the Red Deer, Otter, Pine Marten, Sheep and Coos!

If you are going to take photographs of the wildlife, please pull off the road to allow other traffic to pass. Sheep and Cows just need a ‘honk’ of your horn to get them to move out of your way.

Driving in the Highlands

Remember folks we want you to enjoy the beauty of Wester Ross, take photos, yes of the sheep, of the amazing views, the purple heather, the highland coos but don’t just stop in the middle of the road,   remember that locals need to get to work, or the doctor appointment or interview. Pull over, into a passing place or simply the side of the road, if there is a car behind yo,  let them pass. Thank you for being  a responsible tourist!

Etiquette Driving on Single Track Roads and Passing Places ( Highway Code, section 133 & 134)

If you see a vehicle coming towards you, or the driver behind wants to overtake, pull into a passing place on your left, or wait opposite a passing place on your right. Give way to vehicles coming uphill whenever you can. if necessary, reverse until you reach a passing place to let the other vehicle pass.   Driving onto verges to avoid reversing is not recommended as cars may be damaged or get stick in roadside ditches.

In Scotland it’s usual to give a friendly wave as  a ‘Thank You’ if another road user has reversed or waited for you to pass.

Do not park in passing places.  If you must stop in a passing place for a short time, be prepared to drive on immediately. Parking in or near entrances, farm tracks, gateways, cattle grids can prevent access by farmers and others who live and work in the area.

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