Flexible Cancellation with Master Cancel

We are now protected by Master Cancel which removes the stress and worry from booking your next holiday.

*You can cancel up to and including 2 days before the check in date. Master Cancel’s flexible terms & conditions allow you to book with confidence, knowing that if you cancel for unforeseen circumstances, we will refund you in full.

Master Cancel for flexible cancellation terms

  • Delivers “peace of mind” by simplifying the guest cancellation process into terms that all parties can understand.
  • Guests can cancel up to and including 2 days prior to check-in and receive a full refund. (T&Cs apply)
  • Book a stress-free holiday today!
  • Full refund paid if you need to cancel (benefit includes coverage for up to and including 2 days before check in date).
  • Flexible guest cancellation terms & conditions.

*Please see our full T&Cs for the conditions.

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