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Your hosts Mandy & Cory holiday cottages gairloch Mandy & Cory paddle the Tweed

 We purchased Otterburn in December 2016 and have devoted a year of our life to renovating the property. We had the assistance of over 12+ workaway volunteers but mostly we knocked down walls, painted, scrubbed, hammered, glued and renovated ourselves. We hope you love Otterburn as much as we do!  holiday cottages gairloch

Cory moved to Melvaig approximately a year before Mandy in 2010.

dog friendly cottages GairlochOran Mara Cottage, was  a shell and Mandy wasn’t keen on moving in until some basic facilities were in place. These included walls, central heating, hot water, dishwasher and a cat flap for their darling cat Timmylein. Eventually when Oran Mara has deemed ‘habitable by Mandy’, Timmy and Mandy moved in, in 2011!

holiday cottages gairloch Mandy & Cory

Cory runs the successful First Aid Training Co-operative, as well as being an International Mountain Leader, Teacher, Ecologist, Author and keen Kayaker.

Mandy, worked for 3 years as the Facilities Manager at Gairloch Leisure Centre and Poolewe Swimming Pool when she finally moved to Melvaig. Having lived abroad in Kenya (teaching), Germany (Teaching, Coaching, Adidas ag, Siemens Kernkraft etc.) and Central America (swanning around having a great time), she dedicates her time to running Otterburn I and II, Oran Mara B&B, her photography and writing and illustrating books.

For fun Mandy & Cory love to have adventures. Whether they are running, walking or kayaking they love to be on the move and travelling.

Adventures of Mandy – Adventures of Cory – Mandy & Cory’s Big Walk

Photography in Otterburn

Rua Reidh

Rua Reidh at Sunset

 All the photographs in Otterburn I and Otterburn II were photographed by Mandy.

Mandy’s image, Diamonds at Dawn, was a Countryfile Calendar 2012 winner. The photograph featured as the March 2018 image and helped to raise millions of pounds for the Children In Need Charity.

To view more of Mandy’s work, please look at Mandy’s website.

Fallen in love with an image? Order your photograph from Mandy’s webpage.







Book Otterburn 2   Book Otterburn 2


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